This will be a brief post.  For one, I did want to post something because I haven’t in a while and I need to write another decent article.  In fact I have the notes and outline for a post about the work I have been doing in jQuery lately.  I have been writing plugins, a couple at least, for work, for our public facing site.  One rather large one in fact, to build an image gallery from an un-ordered list of image/thumbnail links, that allows zooming in and out and dragging of the zoomed image around in the view pane.  I will post about it soon.

I have also been studying an average of two hours per night in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.  My position at Glorykidd Technologies as a senior software engineer has afforded me a rare opportunity to work on a large scale project in rails and I am studying for that purpose.  I am quite excited to actually get to work on a real project in rails.  More to come about this as well. But for now I am just claiming my blog on my Technorati Profile so that it will show up there.  I have been using delicious a whole lot lately, as opposed to Google Bookmarks and I like it very much.  And, along those lines I am trying out Technorati as well… J