• Whist Card Game in C# and WPF

    Greetings all, I am hopefully going to have some time over the next few weeks as my current project at work ramps down and I await the next one. I have begun a new side project to use some of this time toward and plan to make a few posts about it. I am writing a card game, which might seem cliché, but it is something I have always wanted to do and it is going to be a game that you don’t see very often.

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  • Still Walkin

    Yes I am posting again. I refuse to give up on my blog. I have been away from my hometown and my work for the last year and a half or so and I am now back and getting back into my routine. Much to my joy as I have missed all these things tremendously. I am back to work at GloryKidd Technologies and happy to have the opportunity.

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  • Yes I am Still Here

    I am working from home, thru my Elusive Development company, on a side project to develop a windows forms app with several components.

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  • Github

    Well I finally joined Github, which is the coolest of course.  I started with just a little project for an httphandler to apply filters to images.  Something I need for work.  I have the project’s homepage here at my blog for lack of a better location.  And I also added a page in the wiki at github for good measure.  I am extra jazzed about the whole git thing.  I have been using it for local VC at work and at home.  I am still a little skittish about using git-svn, as it hosed on me the first time i tried to dcommit something, but all in all I am very pleased with Git itself.

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  • jQuery Plugins

    I thought that due to the fact that I have been working on pretty much nothing but jQuery at work for the last month or so, that I could come up with a post about some of what I have been doing.  First I should mention that I have really enjoyed it, challenging and at times frustrating though it was, it was equally if not more gratifying.  I had yet to have worked with any one particular library much, if any one prior to now it would have to have been just a little bit of jQuery here and there, playing really.  And certainly not trying to write my own plugin, of course as I said, until now.

    The Task at Hand

    My task began as a matching of functionality at minimum and ideally a surpassing of functionality in the area of product thumbnail/image viewing, as compared to one of our direct competitors on the web (our primary product is a print catalog).  One of our competitor’s sites had a zooming feature and the ability to drag around the zoomed image to further examine it.  So off I went.  In the end I have matched the functionality but, I feel at least, surpassed them more in terms of usability and appearance.  Basically ours offers the same features as theirs, for now, but looks a lot slicker I think.  Rather I hope.  Anyways, I decided early on, if not immediately to implement the entire thing in jQuery as a plugin.  I wanted to challenge myself and I did.  And while it took me a bit longer I am much more satisfied and my skills with jQuery are much more improved.  

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