Genomics Assay Automation

Recent experience with IVD medical device application development and FDA software submissions, testing and development. Extensive experience coding for Hamilton Robotic's Venus Software platform for both diagnostic and NGS Preparatory assays.

C# / .NET Framework

Primary area of expertise. Expert level test scores with C# and .NET Framework (all versions). Primary language for my career.

Web Development

Over 10 years of experience developing web-based applications using ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Nodejs, and others. Experience with standards-based developement using HTML5, CSS, Sass. Experience with 508 compliance and developing accessible content. JQuery experience and plugin authoring. Recent experience with Angular4-5 and NodeJS, Node Webkit and Material Design.

Database Development

SQL Server - 12+ years with TSQL, Oracle 3+ years with PL/SQL, MongoDB, Postgres, MySql 2+ years each. Almost every project I have ever worked on had a DB component.


Total of 7 years in Windows Presentation Foundation using the Prism library for most projects.

Software Testing

Experienced with and strong advocate for unit testing with NUnit, MSTest, and Moq. Believe in writing testable code the first time.

Design Patterns

Multiple years expereience with MVVM using PRISM Composite Applicaiton Library and other Enterprise Libraries. Multiple years designing REST services in both Java, Node, and WCF. Utilized MEF and Unity for IoC and dependency injection in many projects.

Object-relational Mapping (ORM) Frameworks

Over 5 years experience with Entity Framework, using v5 & v6. Experience with Mongoose and MongoDB.

Legacy Platforms

Many years experience with Windows Forms, Classic ASP, and other legacy MS frameworks. Experience with conversion/upgrade projects.

Source Control

Multiple years using GIT, SVN and Surround SCM source control systems. Comfortable with both distributed and centralized systems. Most recent experience is with GIT.


I also have experience, at least 1 projects worth, with the following technologies

  • Salesforce API
  • OKTA authentication
  • Golang
  • Bash scripting
  • Docker


The RND Group, Inc.

Lead EngineerFeb, 2012 — Present

Full stack software development for medical devices and FDA compliant systems. This position involved heavy use of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the Prism MVVM libraries using MEF to develop touchscreen applications to interface with a proprietary diagnostics hardware and pipetting equipment. The architectures are entirely service oriented and follow SOLID principles. Comprehensive design and requirements documentation are also mandatory. Mandatory unit testing and peer-reviews are part of a very mature development lifecycle.

Glorykidd Technologies, LLC

Senior DeveloperOct, 2009 — Feb, 2012

This is a company serving business and web clients. Development is predominantly Windows Forms in C#. Currently working on backend support Windows forms applications, written in Visual Studio 2010 using C#. SQL Server 2008 database coding as well. Responsibilities include application architecture, unit testing, class design and UI development.

Global Aviation []

Senior DeveloperApr, 2009 — Oct, 2009

This position involved rewriting a classic asp(3.0) application on a private intranet. The new version is written in C# using ASP.Net MVC framework and test-driven development using VS testing tools. The back-end of the application included a new Linq to SQL Server integraiton. Rewrite of this web application was the sole purpose of my contract.

Fastline Publications []

Web DeveloperOct, 2008 — Apr, 2009

This is a company that publishes both print and web versions of farm equipment sales magazine. I was also responsible for coding jquery plug-ins and windows service for updating Google base of products using test-driven development. Contract was through Brooksource.

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