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Elusive Coding is my blog.  I settled on the word elusive one day while doodling ideas for a logo/brand for my personal development work.  If you search the word ‘elusive’ at google, you will find that the definition is:

adjective: elusive
1. difficult to find, catch, or achieve. “success will become ever more elusive”

The point being that I seek to achieve an elusive level of quality in my work and learning efforts, and at life really.  Also I hadn’t seen it used before, that helped too.

I have been a professional developer for about 15 years, give or take a year.  By professional developer I mean that I work full-time as a programmer and nothing else.  I have done so since I was 23 years old when I started as a contractor for EDS, on the Ft. Knox army base.  That was sure a learning experience.  But, this isn’t a CV page, for that I try to keep a fairly current linked-in profile, complete with recommendations and endorsements from my fellow software engineers.  I also have a Github repository that contains some examples of my work, though a lot my work is compiled away these days, on a device of some kind.

My current title is Lead Engineer at a company in Indianapolis, IN called The RND Group, Inc.  This is probably the best job I have ever had, which makes sense that it is my current one, right?  I have a lot of perks there which I actually feel I have earned.  I look forward to going into my office and I look forward to the challenges of each day.  That is not to say that some days are worse than others.  After all, building software can be a stressful endeavor.  We use the latest .Net framework and version of Visual Studio to build WPF applications.  One of the challenges is the fact that all of our code is subject to FDA audit and must be up to standards, that is one of the services we offer our clients.  We document super thoroughly and we unit test to no end.  I would honestly say that we have the most mature development life cycle that I have ever worked in, and that is saying something.  My first full-time developer position, at EDS, was for a CMM Level 3 company.  Suffice it to say that I enjoy my work and at the same time am learning to be a better coder each day.

Older picture of the Elusive Coding blog author: John Gilliland
This picture of me has been on my blogs’ about page for at least ten years.

Here is a little more back-ground on me.  I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and but I currently live and work in Indianapolis, IN, Castleton/Fishers area.  At thirty something I am learning to enjoy life at a slower pace that I did in my twenties.  I enjoy what I do and do not see myself doing anything else for quite a while.  I think that people are born with certain aptitudes and affinities and that they are much more likely to achieve an acceptable level of peace and harmony in their life if they can align their work and hobbies with those predispositions.  In short… “Do what you enjoy doing, and do it the best that you can!”

Over the years I have had numerous sites.  I had johngilliland.com for a couple of years and then someone bought it, and I moved to johngilliland.net vowing to never let my subscription lapse.  Of course I did and now I figure I will just use wordpress.com for a blog [actually now I have it back!] and if I have a reason to put up some other type of site then I will buy a domain for that site specifically.  My intent is to use this blog as both a personal and work blog.  I will probably stick mostly to work/programming related topics as I spend a lot of my time in that area, but there may be the occasional book review or plain old rant.

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